Level up your change management model

Most change practitioners have worked in a model where they are attached to a project, and are responsible for supporting the people impacted by the project. This approach has definitely improved the success rate of major change initiatives over the last decade, but we still have a long way to go. I believe change management is required both earlier and later in the project life cycle than is currently the case – and this article outlines how to dramatically improve business results during implementation for minimal additional cost.

We know that when people understand and can see the benefit of the change personally, they are much more likely to adopt the change. However, with most projects, the change managers don’t have time to fully appreciate the impact on all stakeholder groups and are not able to provide to the level of detailed support that helps individuals be productive in the new system quickly. There is usually too big a jump between a project change manager and an impacted individual.

Therefore, for larger projects, consider a model where a project has a ‘delivering’ change manager as well as ‘receiving’ change managers for each stakeholder group.

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